Record of Events
1975. "Hung Chang Hardware Store" was founded at Chingwu Road, Taichung City.
1986. The Store was first moved to Taiping City, Taichung City.
1987. The Store was the second time moved to Hsiangshang N. Road, Taichung City.
1991. The Store was the third time moved to Chingcheng Road, Taichung City.
1995. The Store was finally moved to the present place: Tunhua Road, Taichung City.
1996. "Fan Shun Co., Ltd." was established.
1997. With the concept of DIY and coping with the trend of the development of market, we established "Hung Chang Hardware Logistics & Wholesale" in 1997, the biggest leading hardware wholesaler in Taiwan. Since then we have supplied a wide range of products including hand tools, hardware products, paint, electrical materials and gardening materials throughout Taiwan.
1998. With cumulated experience and developed technology and meeting the demand of booming global market of DIY products, we launched upon a plan to expand the market of Fan Hsun (also known as Hung Chang) DIY products to overseas.
1998. In the same year, we introduced our two brands: Sen Tan and Best Friend to both domestic and overseas markets of hardware.
2001. W incorporated the CIS system into our business administration to increase domestic consumers' cultural recognition and to deepen the impression of overseas consumers' on our products. What's more important, this system helps segregating the market of our products from the market of our competitors'.
2002. We founded the first branch "Po Shun Co., Ltd." In eastern Hualien. Faced with coming strong challenge, we are adhering to our consistent belief in "Honest service and continuing creativity". We guarantee satisfaction to our clients with continued development and quality products and are looking forward to a more promising future under the cooperation with our clients.
Establish international business plan along with national business plan.
Establish company website and homepage for international customers.
Company used ERP system of planning sales and appraising products.
Establishment of quality control and added some water resistant products.
Updating international website and company homepage regularly.
Installed new water resistant product menu on website.
Added new electrical and illuminant products to product menu.
Participated in international fairs
  1. The Practical World Exhibition, at Cologne, Germany(3/14~3/17)
  2. The National Industrial Fastener Show/West, Las Vegas, USA (5/10~5/12)
  3. China Int’l Hardware Show 2004/Practical World Asia