Company Ethics
Each employee works to improve his/her own performance in all areas, including their own responsibilities, their part in the team work required for the company’s success, and their wish to serve each customer well. We aim to fulfil every customer order quickly and efficiently. This company is committed to ensuring customer satisfaction.

BING CHANG conducts extensive international research and so is aware of product trends and new developments in this industry. Many oversea companies already use our products, or sell our products.

BING CHANG undertakes to continue to provide good quality product and service to all customers. It is our responsibility to ensure that all customers are satisfied. Customer satisfaction, happy customers are our company’s goal.

BING CHANG sells Sen Tan and Best Friend brand products.

BING CHANG aims to ensure that the complete service, from product order to product delivery and product satisfaction is excellent. All details are treated seriously though out each transaction. All our employees are trained to support the company in this attitude to order clients. It is important to us that each customer can trust us.

Innovation (Good/New Idea)
Innovation is a maxim for this company. Our employees are encouraged to seek out and research new ideas in all areas of our business, especially

  • Sale promotion and Advertisements
  • Customer service
  • Company organization
  • Creation of new products